Awardees Committee (AC)

Office Bearer Member Finalize various awards and funding.
Staff Co-Ordinator : Shri Saroj Kanta Sahoo , Dy Superintendent
N.B: 1.The Chairman and the Secretary of the Chapter shall be the permanent Invitee(s) to all the Sub-Committee(s) other than committee (s) where they are Chairman / Member.
N.B.2. : Chairman of sub-committee(s) mentioned above shall place their calendar of activities for the year 2019-20 up to March, 2019 along with the budgeted expenditures prior to the Meeting of the 3rd Managing Committee for deliberation and approval.
N.B-3: Shri H. K Biswal, AAO of the Chapter was directed to intimate all the Staffs for their information. Chairman of the Chapter was requested to communicate to Co-opted Members of different Committee for their formal Confirmation.